Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clutter Control Advice

Barbara Hemphill, author of Taming the Paper Tiger, coined the phrase "Clutter is Postponed Decisions." That is so true! We leave things for later that we don't want to decide on today. Then, we do that over and over again and piles accumulate or drawers fill up...

Productivity consultant, Stephanie LH Calahan, talks about a few ways that you can combat that procrastination and get rid of your clutter once and for all! I like her article this week. She clearly points out several quick solutions that don't take that much time.

I hope this guidance helps you to begin controlling your clutter ... starting today!

Clutter Control Article


denise clason said...

thanks for posting this, Molly...I am one of those who likes to look at paper more than once and then decide all in one day that I need to clear my desk...which means to file those papers for another day! too much paper for me! and after clearing out my G. house, you'd think I learn not to leave it for my ancestors to do! Every day something gets cleared away, now! even those stacks of magazines that I want to go through...some day! yikes!

BlueRose said...

Molly I would like to let you know that you won a award, so just come on over and pick it up.

Congrats to you~~

Hugs Blue


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