Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Concentration, the card game

Can you remember playing Concentration with cards? I played all the time with my sisters. I was good at it, too. I could memorize most of the cards and usually won. My mind was obviously uncluttered back then.

I've had a hard time concentrating of late. Mainly on work and general tasks. I am embarrassingly behind on emails to friends. I have more on my plate than I've had in a while and I have begun to show signs of Adult ADD. I tried putting off twittering, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Etsy, but this is not working. I keep wondering what I am missing. So, I have decided to complete some tasks that keep bothering me, first thing every morning. This may clear my mind so I can get work done faster. Music helps too-- today is Lite Hits.

The people in my head suggested I update my blog today. I like to read others rather than maintain my own. As I was reading several yesterday, I thought about linking a really good one to mine, as an update. How lazy is that? I am determined to get better, with more links, pictures and videos. In the meantime, check out some fabulous designer blogs listed here.

And if you have children or grandchildren, think about playing a game of Concentration with them. Yesterday, I received a tiny pack of cards from my best friend, a just because ditty in a box of craft surprises. They are the perfect size for playing with my grandsons during their next weekend visit :)

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